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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Vienna: city of regret

The one thing I regret most about Vienna:

Not having a damn dessert. I do love a good post-dinner treat now and then, and Vienna is famed for having good ones. Moreover, for the kind of by the book traveler that I am, leaving Vienna without having a tasty pastry is kind of like leaving Italy without having Italian food, or leaving London without having haggis, or something else that is totally disgusting. Except regrettable. Jesus, I really need caffeine.

Point being, I left Vienna without having a damned sacher torte or other famed pastry and I am now flooded with regret. It haunts my days, it robs my nights of sleep, it causes me greater anguish than I have ever heretofore known. Or, at the very least, it kind of bugs me. As the great Viennese writer Freud said, "Tis better to eat too much and feel kind of queasy than to have none at all and feel a great void inside."