Wherein DF travels to Mitteleuropa and recounts his merrie adventures to his adoring broad readership.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The end of the road

Grüss Gott, Broad Readership. I write to thee from München, or for those of you not versed in the Germanic tongue, Munich. I only just arrived late this afternoon, leaving me just enough time to visit the Hofgarten, buy some books at an English-language bookstore, grab a farewell schnitzel and Löwenbräu, and write some last minute words before grabbing the night train back to A-dam for tomorrow's flight back.

And the timing seems right. The road has been fantastic, but it has also been long, and as of yesterday I was exhibiting some of the symptoms of travel fatigue, such as a desire to stay in bed and nap rather than get out and expore Liechtenstein. Now to be fair, the FL doesn't really require much in the way of exploration, and that may well have contributed to my relative indifference to my situation, but after having been on the road for five weeks I think it is high time that I return to the real world that is the U.S.

Fear not, though, those of you who have written to me suspecting that my last missive from abroad would represent the termination of this blog. There are several wrap up posts in the works, as well as a photo highlights tour that I will assemble as soon as I have the techology at my fingertips. And with that, B.R., I bid ye and this overpriced Bavarian Internet cafe Auf Wiedersehen.